Fund Objectives

Long-term capital appreciation through investments in a diverse portfolio of publicly listed and private esports and gaming related entities selected from vertical business activities. These include semiconductors, IT hardware, software, apparel, venues, brands and intellectual property.

There is the potential for annual dividend distributions derived from any income receipts to the fund from the publicly listed portfolio.


Fund Key Features

  • EU located LP Fund Structure
  • Open ended denominated in €
  • Sophisticated investors only
  • Registered with local regulator
  • Ongoing Liquidity – As an open-ended fund with 30% of the portfolio invested in publicly quoted companies, we provide investors a monthly redemption window enabling them to sell up to 70% of their prevailing investment value.
  • Monthly net asset value (NAV) We will publish a NAV within 7 days of each month end.

Annual fee: 2% of the ongoing value of the investments held in the fund + 20% of the annual profits created by the fund and calculated by the NAV.


Fund Mandate

  • EGF will invest up to 30% in publicly quoted securities & up to 70% in private securities
  • EGF will not use leverage at any time
  • EGF will not use contracts for differences to create a net long or net short exposure to the sector
  • EGF can acquire debt, equity or hybrid securities
  • EGF will be actively managed by the investment committee
  • EGF will be permitted to use currency hedging techniques where prudent